Liz Sherman goes mad -yes, even more!- and tries to climb Kilimanjaro for Charity

By Manu Espinosa Nevraumont (@manumanuti)

As you may know Liz Sherman is climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Community Children Organization (COCO). Now she is in Africa, and through her sister -from different mom, and different dad hahaha- Simona Ocelkova, she is sending us few upgrades for letting us know how is it going up there!

June, 13th: «I AM A MOM!( adopted a baby elephant today), going to kiss a giraffe now. Talk soon»


June, 16th: «Heading to Kili first thing in the morning… getting super nervous! All my stuff is packed. Send good thoughts – I know I can do it! Miss you guys xxx»


June, 17th: «Day 1 was like walking straight up stairs for 5 hours. Body on fire! Water making me kinda ill, but gorgeous views– will be at 3800m tonight. Love Liz xxx»


June, 19th: «Made it to the camp today (reached 4600 , but going back down to 3900 to sleep,helps with altitude sickness). Felt really sick yesterday, but better today(everyone else is getting headaches and puking, but I feel awesome). Miss you guys, but spirits are high! Love you all xxx» btw signal is not good, so this might have been the last one.


June, 20th: Today was really rough. Climed on hands and knees up 300m wall only to come down immediately on wet rocks. Scary and dishearting. Keep thinking good thoughts, cause I am having a hard time doing it myself today. Miss you guys so much’.

We are all supporting you Liz so stop walking and start flying!

June, 21th: » at base camp., snowing, wind is so strong tents are almost falling over. Walked 4hrs at 30-45 degree angel on sand and rocks. Thank you so much for the messages — I would never have come so far without your love, support, letters + texts. Keep em comin 🙂 I have the best friends of anyone here! Leave at 9pm!»

June, 22th: «After a 12hr hike, inhaler every 10 steps, because the air is so thin, thinking body may explode and vomiting on rocks; the only thing left to do is say: I MADE IT!»

June, 22th: «I CLIMBED KILI!! A huge huge thank you to all of my wonderful friends and supporters–there is no way I could have even gotten to Tanzania without your encouragement and support. I love you all–what a wonderful, life changing experience–shows you just how much good there is in the world. See you all on Wednesday!!!»

See you soon in the Toon… and do not forget to bring me my baby Hipo! lol